Original Compositions

Here are a few of the compositions I've written over the years. The tunes have been captured in MP3 or MIDI format for you to listen to. I hope you enjoy these tunes as I have over the years.


Rainbow Blues John Henry's Son
SummerTree Runabout Joey

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"Rainbow Blues" by Paul Kucharski 2000

wolfnmoon.gif (22181 bytes)This tune is played in Standard tuning in the key of E.  It combines alternating bass, boogie bass and monotonic bass techniques.     The second theme with the boogie bass will require some work to get down, but it's well worth the effort.  My best advice is to take it slow at first and speed up only after you have the finger movements down pat.  This tune is a great study in some of the great blues turnarounds possible in key of E.

granitsm.gif (211 bytes) MP3:  Rainbow Blues
As generated by TablEdit

Standard Notation and Tab

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"John Henry's Son" by Paul Kucharski 1999

This tune is played in Open D. This piece is pretty up-tempo and consists of around 6 different themes interlaced together (including a lick from Jefferson Airplane!).  I usually don't play the darn thing the same way twice, but the TAB here represents the most common embodiment of the tune.   The opening theme is actually a portion of John Fahey's version of John Henry; thus the title of the tune, since it all started from trying to work out that piece.   But from that point on, it diverges pretty significantly.  It's fun to play and will give your fingers a workout.

Have a listen to this piece played on a Larrivee Baritone

granitsm.gif (211 bytes)MP3 John Henry's Son
as generated by TablEdit

Standard Notation and Tab

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"SummerTree" by Paul Kucharski 1980

This tune is played in Open G.   The melody is built on top of an alternating bass and it uses harmonics on the 12th fret to provide for a more interesting tonal color.  It also sounds best when played on a 12 string so I created a 12 string sound in the MIDI version below. Unfortunately, the Godin can't capture harmonics as well as I'd like, but at least you can get the basic idea.  It should be played rather slowly and deliberately to allow the notes to ring out as long as they can.

granitsm.gif (211 bytes)MP3: Summertree
Played by Paul Kucharski on a Godin Multiac Guitar, simulated 12 string sound (recorded in 1998)

Standard Notation and Tab

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"Runabout" by Paul Kucharski 1980

This tune is played in Open D.   It is a bit more challenging in that it uses some rather unique right hand fingerings to get the correct sound.  It sounds best when played up to full speed as can be heard in the MIDI example.  The melody of this tune travels across 5 strings and therefore the bass and melody are tightly integrated together.  Although I never seem to play this thing the same way twice, the notation provides suggested fingerings.Go Top

MIDI Button MP3: Run About
As generated by TablEdit

Standard Notation and Tab

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"Joey" by Paul Kucharski 1980

This piece is played in Open D and uses an alternating bass throughout.  Like most pieces written for open tunings, it takes extensive advantage of the open strings to get unique soundings that would be difficult to obtain otherwise.  These days I usually play this piece on a baritone guitar because I like the sound of the tune in that low register (effectively Open B).  Like most open tunings, it's best to start with the tab notation to figure out the fingerings and chords first.

Have a listen to the piece played on a Larrivee Baritone



MP3: Joey
MIDI as generated by TablEdit

Standard Notation andTablature

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YouTube Channel for Paul Kucharski & Eric Brown
a.k.a. Acoustic Blues for the Soul

Some of my other recordings to enjoy.


Acoustic Blues for the Soul Acoustic Blues for the Soul, Kucharski & Brown


JusticeAbout My Copyrights

All the music you find here is copyrighted and protected by law. I permit you to perform any original composition or to use them in your teaching, but not to sell copies of them. I ask that you publicly acknowledge my authorship by name, in writing if you provide program notes with your performance, and to refer the listener or reader to this Web page. If you record any original composition and sell your recordings, I ask that you notify me, and that you agree to negotiate with me (a reasonable fellow) for a share of the proceeds.

If your interested in the software used, all Notation was created with TablEdit

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