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Sheet Music/Tablature

NEW! How to Play Great Fingerpicking Guitar Andy Polon has put together a great and free fingerstyle guitar instruction series.
NEW! Guitar Down Under Bill Tyers created a great site for free fingerstyle guitar arrangements and a lot of articles on guitar playing.
Classical & Fingerstyle Guitar. An Italian site dedicated to Classical and Fingerstyle guitar.  It offers a nice collection of classical guitar music.
NEW! Derek Coombs. A fantastic collection of original compositions and arrangements.
NEW! Wikifonia. A fantastic collection of lead sheets.  Don't miss this one.  Also check out the free Music Score Editor
Den Hardy's Tab Collection. A great collection of classical guitar tab and Chet Atkins tab in TablEdit format
NEW!Doc's Workshop Mike Lydiat has provided a great source of open tuning tablature (TablEdit)
Bob Wolford and Friends New site with some great fingerstyle tab
[Bullet] Duane Langston Duane has nice selection of tunes in a number of tab formats.  Check it out.
Eric Lugosch Eric has put together an excellent tutorial series of graded fingerstyle arrangements on his site.  Well worth the visit.
[Bullet] Fingerstyle Guitar Nice site with tab you won't find elsewhere
[Bullet] Lasse Johansson This outstanding ragtime guitar player and arranger now has a web site where he has been kind enough to offer some of his work.
[Bullet] TablEdit Tab Free TAB in TablEdit file format.  Free TablEdit Reader.
[Bullet] Davy Rogers Traditional Irish Guitar Tab An excellent collection of Irish TAB in TablEdit format.
[Bullet] John Fahey Tab The John Fahey web site has a new section with a bunch of John's tunes in TAB.
[Bullet] Christian Laborde. An excellent French fingerstyle guitarist.  You'll find some great TAB files in Guitar Pro and TablEdit.
[Bullet] Contemplations From The Marianas Trench. An outstanding resource for old world folk songs.  Definitely one you shouldn't miss.
[Bullet] Fretted Instruments NYC. A great new site by Jack Baker with a number of excellent TablEdit TAB files for Fingerstyle Guitar and Banjo.  Definitely worth a visit!
[Bullet] Guitar Et Similia. Here is a new Italian site (in English) with some great fingerstyle TAB files in Guitar Pro or TablEdit format.  Be sure to check it out.
[Bullet] Rootwitch. Michael Hedges was one of the great fingerstyle players of the 90's.  This site is very well done and a wealth of information (including tutorials and TAB) on this exemplary player...don't miss it.
[Bullet] Petra's Music Page. Sinisa is a guitar player from Croatia. He has written and arranged a number of excellent fingerstyle guitar compositions. 
[Bullet] Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music The Levy Collection is arranged in 38 topical categories. A rich source of copyright free music for new guitar arrangements.
[Bullet] Historic American Sheet Music Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library from Duke University.  A veritible gold mine of music from days gone by. 
[Bullet] The Unofficial Leo Kottke Web PageHere's the definitive Leo Kottke web page with an extensive offering of ASCII TAB along with just about everything else you could want to know about this outstanding musician.
[Bullet] The TAB Pigs The TAB pigs are a group of fingerstyle musicians who are die hard Kottke lovers and created this page to share their transcriptions with others.  With fans like these, Leo doesn't need to worry about his popularity fading anytime soon!
[Bullet] El McMeen's Page. El McMeen specializes in the Irish and Celtic styles of music and plays predominantly in the Low C tuning.  His work has been published in a number of books and he has provided some of those transcriptions here. 
[Bullet] Dan Mozell Dan is an acoustic guitarist with interests in a variety of musical styles. His page includes a lot of tablature of traditional Irish and Scottish tunes mostly for flatpicking guitar, but some are fingerstyle guitar as well.
[Bullet] Brad's Page of Steel This page is devoted to Slide guitar and Steel Lap Guitar.  You will find some TAB (ASCII TAB) with MIDI to get an idea of how it should sound.

More Sheet music/TAB Sites


Guitar Audio Music

[Bullet] La note Picking Radio.  Great internet radio from France dedicated to fingerstyle guitar.
[Bullet] Roots Music Listening Room. Roots Music in MP3.  A really GREAT resource.  Recommended!
[Bullet] www.wslr.org. Hosts a radio show called, Aerial Boundaries The show airs live ever Wednesday night from 7:00 to 9:00 E.S.T. on Sarasota, Florida's on community sponsored radio station, WSLR 96.5. The main focus of my show is solo fingerstyle guitar.  Here it streamed from the internet.
[Bullet] Fingerstyle-Guitar. This site offers both free and paid artist upload and mini promo site accounts.
[Bullet] A-Net Radio. A-Net Radio24 Hour Fingerstyle Guitar music from the Sub-Antarctic!  This one is highly recommended.   Great fingerstyle music all the time...I listen in every chance I get. You can also listen to each artist individually.
[Bullet] Gerald Ross. Gerald is an outstanding guitar player, arranger, and composer.  If you like fingerstyle guitar, this is a site you must visit and bookmark. Be sure to check out his new CD!
[Bullet] Folk Music Channel. This is the site of WKSU radio out of Kent, Ohio (home of Kent State University).  You can listen in to live broadcasts or past recordings.   Requires the Real Audio Player.
[Bullet] Classical Midi Archives.

More MIDI/Real Audio Sites ->

Guitar Styles

[Bullet] Perso Flamenco. Victor Reny has a great site dedicated to Flamenco and Classical guitar.  He offers mp3 files of along with a great collection of scores you can download.  Don't miss it.
The Guitarists Homepage Web page dedicated to Classical and Flamenco style guitar:
[Bullet] Glenn Weiser's Celtic Music Page  Glenn has written a number of books on Celtic fingerstyle guitar; many of which are reviewed on this site.  His web site has information on these along with supporting reviews.   There is also a country blues guitar discography, and a lot of other interesting info.  This page and is worth a visit.

Guitar Magazines, Publishers, Organizations

NEW! North Country Primitive North Country Primitive covers American Primitive, fingerstyle and raga guitar and features interviews with guitarists.

[Bullet] License Music  You, being the creator of a unique music piece, deserve the monopoly over the recreation, performance and broadcasting of your music. Musicdealers.com does the work for you to license your music so that your efforts are respected.

[Bullet] Acoustic Magazine  A UK based magazine dedicated to acoustic guitar.

Mel Bay PublicationsSome of the best books I own were published by Mel Bay.   Their web site has a list of what books are available as well a music freebie that's usually pretty good.
[Bullet] Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop Some of the best fingerstyle guitar material is published by Stefan Grossman.

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NEW! Guitar Chalk Here you'll find all of Guitar Chalk's educational content which focuses on thorough, long-form articles that are useful to all skill levels. Material is applicable both for self-study and as a teaching resource in a tutorial or classroom environment.
NEW! String Kick It has a collection of in-depth lessons for guitarists on learning songs by ear, performing better on stage, barre chord technique and more.
[Bullet] Guitar Lessons Find guitar near your location to get private guitar lessons.
[Bullet] How to Play Great Fingerpicking Guitar Andy Polon has put together a great and free fingerstyle guitar instruction series.
[Bullet] Dan Holloway  - a recommended website for fingerstyle guitar instruction
[Bullet] GuitarPlayerWorld.com  - a website that provides free quality guitar
lessons online using Guitar Pro as a learning platform.

[Bullet] Guitarguitar.net - Free online guitar lessons from beginner to intermediate level guitarist complemented with famous guitar songs, chord diagrams and videos.
[Bullet] London Guitar Institute - Guitar school founded by Stefan Joubert specializing in teaching adults rock, jazz, blues, classical and acoustic styles in London.
[Bullet] On-line Guitar Tuner - Clever guitar tuner that works from your browser using Flash technology.
[Bullet] Guitar lessons in Nottingham - In Nottingham?  Get lessons from Rob Greco
[Bullet] Guitar Nation Live - A great source for free beginner guitar instruction and music theory.
[Bullet] JamPlay - A great video-based resource for learning.  Good system, reasonable prices and huge selection of material.  Worth checking out.
[Bullet] Guitar Nick - Great source for free on-line fingerstyle lessons and tab.
[Bullet] Arranging for Fingerstyle Guitar - a great set of lessons for how to create fingerstyle arrangements
[Bullet] Jazz Guitar Online Jazz guitar instruction site by Dirk Laukens
[Bullet] The Sheeben Club A South African acoustic guitar club has put together a nice site about themselves.
[Bullet] The Guitar Suite A great educational resource with tons of theory information...and all free! Check it out.
[Bullet] Guitar Man Acoustic Guitar Tips  Guitar care and playing tips
[Bullet] Guitar Instruction by Charlotte Adams offers some good tips on practicing and other general information.
[Bullet] All Guitar Chords This site is just what it says.  A free chord generator applet that is great to bookmark.
[Bullet] Paolo Sereno This is the site of a great Italian fingerstyle player who also offers Tab and some useful instructional pages.
[Bullet] Andreas Oberholz  If you know German and are looking for instruction, you'll find some instructional material.
[Bullet] Olav Torvund's Guitar Pages This a great instructional site with a great set of backing tracks for practicing.  Worth the visit!
[Bullet] Flamenco Guitar of Graf-Martinez Flamenco Guitar methods, software, CD-ROMs, courses (free download)
[Bullet] Rolly Brown's Guitar Tips Weekly tips that offer some very useful information.
[Bullet] Guitar Noise This is one excellent instructional site! I've already spent far too many hours there reading all the great articles over there.  Definitely worth a visit. 
[Bullet] The Whole Note An excellent site dedicated to guitar instruction by a wide variety of instructors.  Definitely worth a visit.
[Bullet] International Guitar Seminars If you are into the playing acoustic blues or slide guitar, this is one of the best workshops around.
[Bullet] Guitarprinciples.com A site aimed at showing players how to improve their playing ability, no matter what level they are currently at. This is done by teaching how to practice to get results, by using the principles of correct practice for guitar.  
[Bullet] Acoustic Guitar Workshop. Now here's a great idea!  You can enroll in a fingerstyle blues course and learn to play On-Line.   A very clever and very logical way to present information at the lowest possible cost; plus you have access to the teacher via email.  Really demonstrates the power and versatility of the internet.

More Guitar Instruction/Tips Sites

Shopping - Guitars, Books, or CDs

The World's Largest Music Gear Company[Bullet] My Daughter's Music Co. A family music store specializing in bluegrass, folk, and old time acoustic stringed instruments and accessories.
[Bullet] Instrument Wire Used guitars for sale
[Bullet] Minor 7th A site that reviews the best in guitar CDs, including fingerstyle, jazz, folk, rock or new age.  Great place to to find out about some of the more obscure releases. 
[Bullet] Guitar Base If you're shopping for a new guitar or other guitar equipment, a good place to look for information is the Guitar Base.  It will give you list of retailers who have what you want in stock, and many times what they want for it.
[Bullet] Mandolin Bros. One of the best and most well known guitar shops in the States.  In fact, one of very few places on the web you can shop for used Taylors since they gave up their Taylor dealership just to be able to do that.  If you have a Taylor you want to sell on consignment, this is the place to go.
[Bullet] Elderly InstrumentsI bought more guitars here than I'm willing to admit.  If you're looking for new, used, or classic guitars, they have it all.  Plus they have the best selection and prices for fingerstyle books and CDs I've seen anywhere.
[Bullet] The Guitar GalleryMy favorite place to window shop for guitars.   I burned out more than one keyboard drooling over the high-end guitars carried by these folks.  If you're looking for a "top-of-the-line" guitar, you got to stop in here...they have the best of the best!
Don't forget to check the Book and Video reviews on this site also.

[Bullet] Stefan Grossman's Guitar WorkshopYou can order all of Grossman's books and videos from his web site; and this one has secure on-line ordering.
Homespun Tapes Happy Traum's Homespun TapesYou can browse their on-line catalog and order an impressive array of Videos via secure on-line ordering.  Happy Traum has a proven reputation for quality instructional material (not to mention being an exceptional guitar player himself).
[Bullet] Accent On Music. This site offers for sale all of the Books, Video's and CD's of Mark Hanson.  It also has an growing selection of fingerstyle guitar CD's by many of today's best fingerstyle artists.  It's a great place to stop for a visit.  Be sure to check out the FREE Tab files and the great articles Mark's written over the years; the DADGAD article is very well done.
[Bullet] Acoustic Music Resource. An absolute nirvanna of fingerstyle acoustic music!  This site is dedicated to Acoustic Fingerstyle music and videos and has CDs and videos of all the best players around.  You can order directly from there SECURE site.  Their samplers are a real bargin and I highly recommend them.
[Bullet] EBay's Acoustic Guitar Auctions. If you're in the market for an acoustic guitar, don't forget to check the auction sites for a good deal.  Ebay's probably got the best participation on the web.
See the Guitar FAQ pages for an extensive list of guitar makers.

More Shopping Sites

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Guitar Links

[Guitar Pic]
Your guide to over 1,000 Guitar Resources & Music Sites!

1998 Guitar Database Bands/Artists

[Bullet] Folkblues.com Great links site with a focus on folk music and blues.
[Bullet] Guitar Notes is one of the most extensive and well organized collection of links and information about guitar that I've seen anywhere.  Including: your favorite guitarists, guitar chords and guitar tablature, guitar builders, guitar shops, guitar instruction for all levels, guitar equipment information, and other online guitar resources.
[Bullet] About Guide to Guitar What's great about this page is that all the sites are reviewed and only select sites will show up there.  Joe also has weekly featured sites, so check back often to see what's new.
[Bullet] This is a list of sites I have found with extensive list of Guitar Players.

Guitar Construction, Repair, and Audio

NEW! Guitar Repair Bench - A site dedicated to providing the best instructional articles about guitar repair, maintenance, and guitar building on the web, so you can repair your own guitars.
[Bullet] Big Hollow Guitars Traditionally constructed small bodied fingerstyle guitars with exceptional volume, excellent tone, and a refined aesthetic.
[Bullet] Fret Not Guitar Repair Great on-line resource for guitar repair information.  Definitely worth a visit.
[Bullet] Early Romantic Guitar: Gallery of Dated Instruments   Great site with dated photos of some of the oldest guitars on record.
[Bullet] Acoustic Properties of Classical Guitars   If you are fascinated by the physics of acoustic guitars, this is a great site to visit.  Be sure to check out the "Measuring Quality Guitar Sound" page.
[Bullet] Frets.com   This site is highly recommended for everything related to guitar maintenance.  Extremely thorough and detailed information written by an expert in the field.
[Bullet] Acoustic Guitar Owners Manual
A great subsection of the Frets.com site
[Bullet] Rauen Guitars   If you live near Milwaukee and need your guitar worked on, his shop is THE place to go.
[Bullet] Anton's Audio Great site for information on getting the best Acoustic sound.  Very informative.
[Bullet] Stewart-MacDonald Guitar Wiring Archive The title says it all.
[Bullet] Acoustic Guitar Mag's Gear pages Great collection of articles!

About Guitars

[Bullet] Note Cannons   A great non-commercial web site dedicated to National Resonators from past to present....really good info.
[Bullet] Stella Guitars   Neil Harpe has constructed an exceptional historical site on the old Oscar Schmidt made Stella, Sovereign, Galiano, and La Scala guitars.  Very informative site, and be sure to listen to Neil's sound clips.  Also, check out his Guitar Pages for some great old photos.

Recommended Guitar Forums

[Bullet] Chet Atkins Forum Forum for the discussion of guitar-related issues, with particular emphasis on fingerstyle guitar and specifically, the life and music of history's greatest guitar player, Mister Guitar, Chet Atkins.
Acoustic Player Magazine Forum A wide-ranging forum from the on-line magazine Acoustic Player.
[Bullet] Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum   The forum name speaks for itself in regards to what they focus on.  If you're a Martin lover, this is THE place.
The Soundhole Guitar Talk   A forum based on the old "Open Topic" forum that Acoustic Guitar Magazine used to have.  A greater bunch of folks you'll never meet!
Celtic Guitar Talk  If you're into Celtic music, this is definitely the place to be.
Acoustic Fingerstyle Forum   Our forum...of course!!
13th Fret Forum   One of the best forums on the internet for acoustic guitar lovers.  Highly recommended.
Woodshed Forum   Stefan Grossman's forum.  The best place to go to talk about the blues.
The Guitar Forum   Sponsored by Bob Brozman and Woody Mann.  If you're into blues and/or slide guitar this is the place to go.
RMMGA Forum   This is probably the oldest guitar forum on the internet and still one of the best.  This link is through Google's newsgroup service.
Resonator Guitar Forum   This is a relatively new newsgroup, but has the potential to be a good one.  This link is also through Google's newsgroup service.

And Last But Not Least!...gotta go see this one!

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