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What Are Some Good Beginners Books/Videos for Acoustic Guitar?

If you know nothing about guitar, then a few lessons with a local guitar teacher are probably in order.  This will help you develop the basics of proper right and left hand technique.   Otherwise, you might want to see if you can obtain one of the books listed on this web's Fingerstyle Guitar Books or Fingerstyle Videos pages.  Read the description to guage whether it would be appropriate for your skill level.  On the videos, be sure to look at the skill level rating and read what these ratings mean.

Otherwise, here are a list On-line Sellers of Guitar Books and Videos.  Many have descriptions/skill level ratings of the books or videos they sell:

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Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar has partnered with Homespun to deliver their library of music instruction DVDs to you (including the accompanying music/TAB booklet) quickly, safely and inexpensively using an amazing new media system called the MOD Machine.
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allows you to get your lessons anytime you want them, 24/7, delivering high-quality video directly to your computer. All you need is a high-speed connection and you'll be on your way.