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Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Please visit again.
Paul Kucharski

I very infrequently pursue my passion as time permits and have been revisiting your site for years now. I appreciate that you are still 'sharing' valuable information in a day when everything has a price.
I wish that I had such a resource/mentor as a young musician 35 years ago, but I'm grateful to pass these philosophies and concepts on to my kids, hopefully better equipping them to confidently develop their talents and pursue their dreams.


Jeff Carter - Salt Lake, Utah

If this isn't a gift from the heart, then you are stone-cold crazy!
Great stuff.  Can't seem to get any work done.  But I just traded all my electric gear for a Guild F47RCE,and the wealth of info will once again put me back on a steep learning curve!
Thanks for being truly a member of the human race!

Scott Conlee - Jackson Alabama

Since the demise of Kicking Mule Records I assumed I was the only one out there trying to keep the fingerpicker's flag flying (I've made several best-selling video/DVD tuition programmes) but what a terrific job you have been doing all this time. Congratulations on it's obvious success and on the high standard you have achieved in it's design and content. I am just building my own site and will certainly be recommending that people visit yours. I can't praise you enough.

Mel Reeves - Taunton, England

I have "fooled around" for years trying to teach myself to finger pick, I had put the guitar away thinking I have an impossible task. I have just started on your website. I have a long way to go, but THANKS! I am 71 years young and live at the Armed Forces Retirement Home. I thank you most sincerely for your contribution to making the world just a little bit nicer place to be and mostly I thank you for caring.

Robert - Washington DC

So here I was, the kids and wife asleep, randomly surfing the web, and I thought "You know, I haven't touched my acoustic guitars in years (like, pre-kids, 3 years ago)".   I thought to myself -- "I wonder what resources have popped up on the web for amateur guitarists like myself (I'm a drummer by trade, who plays the occasional guitar and keys).  So I stumbled upon your site.


30 minutes later, the 'ole Alvarez classical has been cleaned and tuned, and I'm teaching myself some of the MIDI songs on your site.  I can't tell you how appreciative I am of your hard work.  I now have "the bug" again, and I'm re-dedicating myself to really, really learn finger-picking.  And...Teach my kids (3 and 2, respectively) in the process.  Thanks so much ---- and PLEASE keep up the GREAT work!

David - Ligonier, Pennsylvania

Every so often throughout my guitar playing history, I find myself on yet another plateau, searching for something to excite me enough to leave it's comfortable, boring flatness. This Website & all it's freely given gifts, has captured my heart, and set my music free again!  I visit your site weekly now to savor the new journey I've discovered through your book reviews, midi files, open forums and original compositions.  I applaud it's design, content and ENERGY!   Thank you so much for all the work you've shared!

Rusti, Boise Idaho

Superbe!  Felicitations pour la grande qualité des pages, leurs varietes et les surprises qu'elles offrent.  Je ne tarderai pas a revenir.
Encore bravo!

Superb!  Congratulations for the great quality of the pages, their variety and the surprises which they offer.  I will not hesitate to return.  Encore bravo!

Michel Dalle Ave, Bordeaux, France

Very good, well rounded site!  Being a long time finger picker and tablature writer myself, it makes me very happy that there are so many people still involved in it. Keep up the good work.

Tom Thomason, Gothenburg, Sweden

Absolutely fabulous, will have to spend days exploring it. Marvelously constructed!!!

Art Edelstein, East Calais VT, USA

Your site is a Godsend to the fingerstyle public and your generosity is incomparable. If there is a Guitar Heaven, you're in!

Peter Weller, Portsmouth, N.H.

A truly excellent site that I come back to all the time. This is a real labour of love and can only do good for the world of fingerpicking guitar.
Thank you!

Andrew Pargeter, Birmingham, England

You have inspired me to learn a new method of tuning and fingerpicking I didn't even know existed!  How can I thank you?   The web and the world would be a better place if there were more generous people like you!  One day I hope to send you one of my creations. Thanks again for showing me a new path  (musical and spiritual)!  Love your site!

Dave, Victoria, BC, Canada

I've been through about all the acoustic guitar pages around - yours is the BEST!

David,    Panama

Sites like this are my reason for staying up till the early hours of the morning.... Thanks to the author for my loss of sleep (and for the great music) !

Richard, France; the homeland of the late-great Marcel Dadi.

Thanks!  Never have I come across a more quality web-site than yours.  And to think you don't get paid for it.   It just warms my heart.  I'm a serious Fahey fan so you can imagine my delight in coming across this resource.  Again--Thanks

Mark, Aylmer,Quebec,Canada

Checking Execpc's personal web site of the day to get ideas for my own web site, clearly this is the coolest personal web site I've seen after about a month of checking.  Awesome, dood!  Well thought out.   Captivating.

Jim, Franklin WI, USA

I spent over two hours reviewing your home page and really enjoyed it.   In the late 60's till early 80's I played a 12 string guitar (Classical Gas kind of stuff).   Then I played rhythm, finally I gave it up all together.  Today, I pick it up every once in a while and play, "House of the rising sun", Mr. Bojangles" or "Bobby McGee";  but most of my fingering is gone.  And how I wish I still had my calluses, MY FINGERS HURT!    You did a great job on your home page, and with your music......
A fellow (everybody plays one) guitarist,

Phil, Milwaukee, WI

This web site just blew me away. Everything about it is wonderful. I'm really not much of a guitarist but if I can just learn some of the styles I'll be ever grateful. Thanks for all the effort you put into this site.

Don, Naugatuck,Ct   USA

This is one great site! I am going to download the acrobat reader so I can get the tab for your songs, especially "Cavatina" - Love the song. I might even go and restring my guitar! Love the songs and the site! 

Joe, Guelph, Ontario Canada

It's been 30 years since I picked up a guitar, your web site has been an inspiration to start playing again and FINALLY learn to finger pick. 


Stephen, Hampden, Maine USA

Thanks for your web pages they were a delight to discover. I have been fingerpicking for several years down under and new material is always difficult to find. If you can find the music often you cant find the recording and vice versa.

 Many thanks for the information and keep up the good work.

Mike, from "down under"

Excellent work, keep it up. At this rate you should be able to influence many of the online guitarists in the world to take up computerised tablature production and to share their arrangements. (What an excellent idea !!!).

Steve, Runcorn, Cheshire, England

Splendid page man! Thank you for providing me with the notes for the song Cavatina. Thanks a lot really! Anyway, you have nice layout on your page, and the background midi tunes seems good as well. Keep it up man!

Elling, Trondheim Norway

I've just found your page on the Web and I love it!!! Your music's pretty good and I like the fact that your offering it through the Internet at no charge.... bliss for us music-hungry fingerstylists who happen to be running around the World Wide Web.

The arrangement of 'Yesterday' on your author page is especially good...WOW!! Any idea where I can find myself a copy? Thanks.


Was just surfing and came upon your web site. What a find! The music is wonderful, and the graphics don't take forever to load.

Thanks for taking the time to share.


Had a great visit to your page. Was looking for tab to Cavatina and you had it! Thanks. Have been playing fingerstyle for about 30 years on and off (mostly off it seems). It's nice living near John Fahey, Doug Smith, Mark Hanson, and others...a lot of music in this area. Thanks for your page.

Steve, Monmouth, OR. USA

It has taken my husband two full weeks to get all the parts together so that we could hear your music. Anyway, the wait was really worth it.

Marta, Sun City, AZ. USA

From the Computer Club of Sun City. We want to compliment you on a terrific job on your WebPage. It was very enjoyable even tho I am not a musician but a music lover.

Tom, Sun City, AZ. USA

Hey, what can *I* say that the music hasn't said already? Fingerstyle guitar is the best therapy around -- there when you need it, and it doesn't charge by the hour! Great service you're providing -- keep it up!

Cary, Baltimore MD.

I am a fingerstyle player and have had a great time wandering through your pages. Copied lots of ideas and listened to the songs in the music book section and just had fun.

Thanks again for all your work, I'll be back again.


Finally downloaded Crescendo, got to your web page and listened to your guitar music with your mother. OUTSTANDING Web Page!! You keep making improvements which I guess is what you're supposed to do. Nice job!.

Accessed it at the last Internet SIG meeting, a meeting where some members are writing their own web page and were impressed with your page. Especially the music. They wonder how it's done.


editors note: OK, so he may be a little biased, but who cares?