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Last update: Jul 9, 2017

Glenn Chatten

Mesmerizing solo instrumental guitar compositions from one of the West Coast's best finger-style guitarists which will move and groove you in mind, body and soul. Recorded with very little dubbing, his style reflects both jazz, world and folk genres not unlike Bruce Cockburn, Pat Metheny and Michael Hedges. A great inspirational listen!


Aerial Visions

Aerial Visions is an instrumental acoustic duo formed in 2015 by guitarists Dani Vargas and Travis Lee Stephenson. Drawing from diverse stylistic approaches, Dani and Travis bring a unique take to the modern acoustic sound. Their debut album, City Life, introduces eleven original compositions demonstrating technical proficiency, canorous melodies, and harmonic maturity. The feel is often dark and introspective, yet uplifting, by virtue of the beauty and honesty that so naturally accompany the acoustic guitar. The seasoned artistry displayed by Aerial Visions is complex yet accessible, inviting listeners of all walks of life into a dynamic musical experience.


Don Alder
Armed & Dangerous

On "Armed and Dangerous," which pays homage to the popular "Walking Dead" television series, Alder blends his signature technical prowess with deep emotion and expression. A dozen songs feature a variety of styles, including solo pieces, baritone guitar pieces, harp guitar with singing, two singer/songwriter tunes with band, a duet and more. The CD sounds more like an improvised, spontaneous performance rather than a meticulously recorded set of songs and Alder’s unique approach on the guitar is captured with the intensity of a live concert.

Highlights include the title cut, "Armed and Dangerous," written for baritone guitar, which slams out of the speakers like a hurricane. Alder won the Guitar Idol III contest with "Going Rogue," an edgy, rhythmic piece that sounds like an ensemble of guitarists rather than one set of hands on a single instrument.

Billy Sheehan appears on the aggressive "Dancing with Spin Doctors," on which Alder plays a fingerstyle approach on electric guitar. The haunting, beautiful track "Sophrosyne" emanates fragility and humility but with finely honed expression. Another gem, "Precious Moments," showcases Alder's uncanny ability to express emotion and create space.

Alder's infectious fretwork will leave an indelible imprint in your musical memory. (

Feb 25, 2016

Nik Davies

Nik Davies is a young acoustic guitarist based in Bristol, UK. Her style has been described as atmospheric and ethereal. She recently featured on the Sky Arts TV programme Guitar Star, and is starting to make a real splash in the guitar world.

“ Nik Davies is one of the most musical artists I have ever played on the Radio. She specializes in these brilliant atmospheric guitar instrumentals” – Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

Album 'Unfurl'
YouTube Channel

Mike Dowling

Brand new from Wind River Guitar, Tracks is Mike Dowling at his solo acoustic best. Eleven cuts, ten played on resonator guitars, with a mix of tunes from artists as diverse as Mississippi Fred McDowell and Irving Berlin. And Mike Dowling. Vocals and instrumentals interpreted beautifully and soulfully by Grammy-winning Mike.

Includes: World of Hurt, Train I Ride, The Cuckoo, Big Island, A Face in the Crowd, Tennessee Blues, Tracks, My Walking Stick, Wild Rose, Just a Little While, Heart of the Heartland.

"Mike never fails to deliver outstanding music with impeccable vocals and outstanding musicianship.  I never thought he'd be able to top Eclectricity, but he's done it again with Tracks.  A very compelling combination of songs that evoke a relaxed and laid back feeling that only Mike Dowling can deliver."
-- Paul Kucharski

"This CD is one of the best recordings I have ever heard." -- David Chamberlain, WRFG FM, "Sagebrush Boogie", Atlanta.


Fernwood, the award-winning all-acoustic instrumental duo, today announces the release of their much anticipated third album, Arcadia. This 11-track offering expands upon their previous work which Guitar Player describes as “wonderfully melodic and emotionally direct.” Utilizing an exotic array of world instruments, Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet) and Todd Montgomery have created a soundscape that is both familiar and exotic, classical and contemporary, warm and inspirational.

Purposefully conceived to evoke the visual language of film, Arcadia takes the listener on an epic, emotional journey through a pan-cultural landscape. Contemporary Americana and Old-World styles are merged and blended together to produce a beautiful antidote to the stresses of everyday life.

"Wonderfully melodic, expertly layered, masterfully interwoven, luscious
yet rootsy."

"Sangita is most rewarding and truly brilliant, a genuine masterpiece."

"Fernwood creates a global chamber music with Americana accents and
cinematically inclined melodies."
"Almeria" was chosen as the "Number 4 ALBUM OF THE YEAR"!!!


September 26, 2013

Wayne Lovegrove
Into The Night

Wayne Lovegrove's debut CD.  Imagery in sound for solo contemporary fingerstyle acoustic guitar.  After decades of solitary improvising in altered tunings, Wayne finally began performing publicly and has now released his debut CD "Into The Night".  All the tunes are originals written and performed by Wayne.  Wayne combines a uniquely rich non-traditional compositional voice with compelling technical chops.  Pieces incorporate a range of techniques in a variety of tunings, including standard fingerstyle, percussive bodywork, two handed fretboard work, and chordal harmonics,  Tunes move from flowing, deep, liquid echoes to passages of breathtaking precise speed.  This is instrumental music that leaves the listener open to form their own images to these varied textures and sounds. 

"It was especially nice to also hear new compositions from master guitarist Wayne Lovegrove.  Wayne is on the cutting edge of tapping on the guitar strings and using harmonics to create wonderful rhythmic melodies."
J.W. McClure - Victory Music

"Doesn't that sound like about three guitars? No! It's one guy! One guitar!"
Mary Dessein, KSER radio Everett, WA

Les Finnigan
The Brave Dog

The Brave Dog album is a transparent and natural-sounding recording that lets the artistry of this guitarist/composer shine through vividly. The suggested tracks for quick review or radio play are: Track 1: Race To The Shore, Track 5: Tip-Toeing Shadows & Track 6: March Of The Millipede.  

Peter Janson
A Long Road - tunes from Celtic lands

Considered a "gifted acoustic fingerstyle guitar player" (Dirty Linen), Peter Janson's Celtic finger-style guitar music brings world-class solo guitar playing to records and the concert stage. "A Long Road - tunes from Celtic lands" is his sixth domestic solo recording, and brings traditional folk music from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and North America. His arrangements for solo guitar, while following the original melodies, depart from their traditional presentation as airs, jigs, and reels, offering complimentary interpretations of the original tunes. Peter states, "I have placed my emphasis on interpretation as opposed to strict tradition and played these as honestly and joyously as I could!"

This audiophile quality recording was recorded and mastered in Nashville Tennessee.

Peter Janson has collaborated on stage with a variety of acoustic artists including "American Guitar Masters" tours with Larry Pattis, "Artistry of the Guitar" tours with Ken Bonfield and Steve Davison, "String Songs" concerts with luminaries Tim Farrell and Michael Manring, "Friends" concerts with Steve Hunt, Henrik Bridger and Bertram Lehmann, and has shared stages with Ed Gerhard, Alex DeGrassi, Dakota Dave Hull, Chris Proctor, Jamie Bonk, singer-songwriters Brooks Williams, Shane Jackman, Greg Greenway, and Tim Harrison, Ugandan artist Kinobe and Celtic artists Aine Minogue, Aoife Clancy, Robbie O'Connell, and others.

With critical acclaim such as "perfection... highly creative," "a true artist's soul," and "perhaps the leading contemporary fingerstyle guitarist today" there's no doubt he has bridged a gap bringing together the every-day music fan with die-hard guitar fans. Peter's music has entertained millions throughout the world on radio, digital radio, internet radio, TV, on airline flights, and live. He is a regular performer at guitar festivals and concerts throughout North America. His solo recordings include Firelight Moonlight, Winter Gifts, Across the Bridge, Sometimes From Here, Compass Rose, and A Long Road - tunes from Celtic lands. He also appears on numerous international recordings and compilations.

Jay Santos
Spare Time

Fingerstyle instrumental guitar. No overdubs, no multi tracking. Described as perfect music for relaxation.

Judson Kimble

Judson Kimble’s ‘Beginnings’ weaves an intricate balance of delicate melodies and rhythmic grooves that are sure to draw you in.  Entirely instrumental, Judson explores the full possibilities of the solo 6 string acoustic guitar.  Perhaps Vermont’s finest fingerstyle voice.

“….nothing short of gorgeous.”  - Angelica Times
“....intriguing…, talented…, stellar….”  - Seven Days

Raymond Gonzalez
Open Tuning

The latest offering from Raymond Gonzalez is a return home to his musical roots. Exploring fingerstyle, classical, jazz, celtic and a touch of avant-garde.

“...A seasoned fingerstyle virtuoso, Gonzalez nimbly and astutely presents 15 original compositions that are clearly defined, yet also represent a body of acoustic bliss that has a sweep and majesty in its completeness. I can't remember the last collection of tunes I heard that worked so well together... meticulously crafted and performed ensemble of tunes....”
James Filkins,
Minor 7th Web Magazine


...”One of America’s finest guitarists and composers” Dave Palmater,
WUMB Radio, Boston

Finn Olafsson
Music From North Sealand

Finn Olafsson's latest release "Music From North Sealand is now available in Germany at the webshop of Acoustic Music Records.  The German record company, which is famous for hundreds of releases with internationally known acoustic guitarists, has formerly also released the two acoustic guitar CD/musicbook albums of Finn Olafsson entitled "Acoustic Guitar" and "Acoustic Guitar 2".

Adam Palma

Adam Palma first started playing the guitar in 1986. His formal music education started in Poland some years later and in 1999 , he graduated from The Music Academy with honours, - Faculty of Jazz and Popular Music. Adam has been working as a session guitarist since 1998 and has played with several of the best Polish jazz and pop musicians, singers, arrangers and composers, including some international artistes such as Tommy Emmanuel, Joscho Stephan, Martin Taylor, Snake Davis, Gary Potter, Richard Smith, Adam Rafferty, Jack Pearson (The Allman Brothers), Chris de Burgh and Hamish Stuart (the Average White Band, Paul McCartney), Robbie McIntosh (John Mayer, Paul McCartney). Adam has opened the shows for the guitarists like: Albert Lee, Jerry Donahue, Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones).  Adam has been invited four times in a row to take part in the most prestigious fingerstyle guitar event in the world : The CAAS Chet Atkins Appreciation Society in Nashville in July 2009, 2010, 2011 and again this year. Adam was invited to open Tommy Emmanuel's concerts and join the master on stage in Poland, UK and USA 

Please visit Adam's website to find out more about his newest solo album "2012" and to listen to the samples.

CAAS 09-10-11

Dylan Ryche
Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

Dylan Ryche's debut album, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar features 11 strikingly passionate examples of dynamic and creative acoustic guitar playing. With a heavy emphasis on melody, this record is packed with uplifting emotion, gorgeous ballads ('Believe', 'A New Leaf'), finger twisters ('The Rollercoaster') and driving uptempo tunes ('Toronto Sky', 'Platypus In Sheep's Clothing'). This is truly an album not to missed by all lovers of the guitar and a good tune.

Album available in CD and mp3 format along with transcriptions at

Also available at iTunes and Amazon

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Anthony Greentree

A bringing together of old and the new are the current themes in Anthony Greentree's debut album 'Rebirth'. The Singer - Songwriter from Nottingham has created a wonderful blend of Early Music, Contemporary Folk and Folk Rock entwined in a river of Flutes, Recorders and beautiful harmonies. It's hard to believe that all of the bass and even the electric guitar parts are actually created originally from his nylon string guitar. Anthony Greentree's 'Rebirth' album harks back to the days of 60's & 70's Folk and even Progressive music but with a contemporary edge. the 11 tracks tell the stories of love, loss, renewal and even a song about an Irish Princess. I am sure that along with the wonderfully illustrated artwork that Anthony himself has produced, this will make for a wonderfully chilled and thoughtful listen.

"An evocative album" - FolkWords

For more information go to
also Facebook

Keith Hinchliffe
Ancient Music

One of the most distinctive acoustic guitarists around, and certainly one of the most versatile, Sheffield-based Keith Hinchliffe received international acclaim for his much-broadcast album Carolan's Dream, and his second CD Islands was described by BBC Roots presenter Andy Kershaw as "an excellent album by a wonderful guitar player."  Best known for his haunting arrangements of Celtic music, Keith has now released Ancient Music, a collection of Renaissance, Baroque and early Irish pieces re-imagined for the steel-strung guitar. It includes music originally intended for many different instruments, from the Elizabethan lutenists to Bach, Purcell and the early Irish harpers. As with his highly praised recordings of Celtic music, Keith's arrangements and playing are faithful to the original sources but also try to bring out fresh harmonic and expressive possibilities through the "harp-like" qualities of the resonant metal strings. 

From reviews of Keith's previous albums:  
" Hugely impressive and beautifully evocative arrangements" - Rock 'n' Reel
" Fluid, sensitive and harp-like... A fine, tasteful and skilful player" - Folk Roots
" First-class arranging and harmonic design... Rich and atmospheric"  - Living Tradition
" Ringing, harp-like texture"  Acoustic Guitar " Sublime feeling for melody"  - New Folk Sounds " Lovingly recreates the sense of the old tunes"  - Dirty Linen

For more information about Keith's CDs and books, and for sound samples, reviews, contact and ordering details, please visit

Michael Garfield
The Body Electric

The Body Electric – a groundbreaking new collection of improvised live acoustic-electronic guitar loopscapes made in the new tradition of "acoustic hardware live PA" (ie, no software was abused in the making of this record; it's the most dramatically re-imagined solo acoustic guitar album Michael could conceive). The Body Electric is a multimedia experience – the download page includes links to three essays that expand on Michael's ideas behind the project (ie, the co-evolution of human and machine and the extension of the body into cybernetic orchestral prosthesis); three music videos (including a gorgeous rendering of the title track by digital pioneer Ken Scott's HARMONY visualization software); and a poster-sized file of the intense fractal cover artwork to lose yourself in while the music takes you for a ride.

"A KILLER musician...[The Body Electric's] a progressive, smart, and experimental journey that will make you view the acoustic guitar in a whole new light. Big ups to MG for doing something accessible, yet entirely original."
 - Josh Smith, (Dallas)

Randy Ellefson
Serenade of Strings &
The Lost Art

Guitarist Randy Ellefson has released his third and fourth instrumental guitar albums, Serenade of Strings and The Lost Art.  Unlike his first two hard rock albums, Serenade of Strings is all acoustic while The Lost Art is classical guitar.  Free mp3s and full streaming audio of both are available from

Ellefson wrote the earliest songs on Serenade as a teenager in the 1980s and envisioned this all-acoustic album, but plans for it were cut short by a 1996 tendonitis injury that stopped him from playing acoustic guitar for nearly ten years.  With songs from both before and after the injury, the delayed album gives an insight into how big a loss this was for him.  The track-by-track remarks on his website detail the history of each piece.

The Lost Art has eighteen solo classical guitar pieces performed by Ellefson in 1995, shortly after finishing his Bachelors of Music degree from Catholic University in Washington D.C.  The lone exception is the Loeillet sonata for guitar and flute; in 2010, Ellefson arranged the flute part for guitar and recorded it 15 years after the backing guitar track.  It may be the only such recording of this piece.  The Lost Art is a one-of-a-kind bonus release from Ellefson, whose tendonitis injury cost him the ability to play classical guitar, except for easy pieces like "Dee" by Randy Rhoads or his own "Menagerie", both from the Serenade of Strings

Serenade of StringsThe Lost Art are available now via,, and other retailers. 
Visit http://www.randyellefson.comfor free mp3s, videos, guitar tablature, articles, and the latest news on Randy Ellefson

Ben Woolman
Many Moods

Ben Woolman may be the next great thing in acoustic fingerstyle playing. He has a new CD called MANY MOODS that is simply solo guitar playing (no overdubs; no other instruments) and it is mind-blowing. This is the kind of playing that thrilled listeners when Leo Kottke, Pierre Bensusan, Alex de Grassi and Ed Gerhard first came along. To keep it interesting Woolman works in a tiny bit of blues (a Blind Blake piece), jazz and world, but primarily it is just hauntingly-beautiful Americana picking. Check it out and become a believer.

Ben Woolman Website
CDBaby for CD

Anton Emery
Noone Lasses

Playing celtic melodies on the guitar that are usually reserved for the flute, fiddle, and bagpipes is no easy feat. But Anton Emery has managed to do so with grace and authenticity on his debut solo guitar album, Noone Lasses. Recorded in California during the spring and fall of 2009, Noone Lasses captures the subtle lilt and rhythm of celtic music, while giving the tunes a fresh voice on solo guitar.

Produced by guitarist Steve Baughman and engineered by Acoustic Guitar Contributing Editor Doug Young, Noone Lasses includes arrangements of reels, jigs, and a welsh tune, as well slow airs and an O'Carolan harp piece.  It’s just one musician in the studio with his guitar, recorded in pristine sound quality with minimal processing.

“Anton Emery’s debut CD "Noone Lasses" has all the qualities of that rare album that one finds in an obscure record shop that instantly becomes and remains a lifetime favorite!"
Minor 7th Acoustic Music Reviews

Kerry Kean
New River Guitarism

“New River Guitarism” is Kerry Kean’s second cd of fingerstyle guitar solos. With 11 original and two traditional tunes, it covers a wide range of styles and moods ranging from soft and pretty ("Drifting", "After the Harvest") to rapid-fire cascades of notes ("White Water", "Grandma's Typewriter"). Much of the music on this cd was inspired by the New River in West Virginia, and Kerry’s love of the outdoors and beautiful places shines through.

“With each listen it becomes clear that Kean possesses the ability to find the heart and soul of each of the varied styles presented on this collection…”
– James Filkin,  

Reviews, clips, videos and more at

Vin Downes
Skies and Openings

"Skies and Openings" is the first recording by fingerstyle guitarist Vin Downes.  It is comprised of eleven original songs (sample) with influences of Americana, Blues, Classical, Folk and Jazz. It includes seven solo performances and four pieces with guest musicians Lois Carpenter on bass, Mike Fumento on drums, and Jeffrey Young on violin.  "Skies and Openings" is the culmination of years spent exploring fingerstyle guitar.  It is a mix of styles and moods in a pure acoustic setting.

Downes began studying guitar at the age of eleven. His early interests were in electric guitar, but this changed when he heard the music of Michael Hedges and Leo Kottke. He was immediately intrigued with the art of fingerstyle acoustic guitar.  Downes went on to earn a degree in classical guitar performance and music education from William Paterson University. Along the way, he has studied classical composition, Indian tabla, and American roots music, while developing a love for jazz and all improvised music.
Vin Downes MySpace
Vin Downes at CDBaby

David Barrett
The Dead Arm

This is David Barrett's fourth acoustic CD featuring new compositions on six and twelve string acoustic guitars, classical, resophonic, mandolin, and laud. All of the tracks are performed solo, except track 8, which is a multi-tracked mandolin tune. Album produced, written and arranged by David Barrett. Photography and design by Paul Reid.